Systems Deployment

Pilot and deploy IT solutions with ease. We offer a broad array of planning, design, and implementation services to help accelerate system deployment and successfully execute your business strategies. You can take advantage of proven industry expertise in product assembly, testing and integration prior to install.

Windows Infrastructure

All companies are unique and must build a unique and specific plan in order to take full advantage of the many business-oriented features of their network and computer systems. I offer advanced infrastructure design in order to support your business by implementing a formidable scalable solution within your business structure.

Your new IT network should meet the needs of your business not only now but for the next few years.

  • Do you have regulatory requirements to take into consideration?
  • How many remote users do you expect to have now and in the future?
  • Are you planning to open additional offices in the future?

We can help you with this by asking the right questions to be able to tailor the right network for your needs.

Network Server Installation

Whether you are considering your first server or an additional one we can help you make the best decision within your budget for the smooth operation of your business. In order to fully and properly understand your business needs we will discuss the following aspects:

  • How many users do you have?
  • How much data storage do you need?
  • How resilient do you need that storage to be?
  • What way will you backup the data?
  • What applications will you be running and what resources do they need to run well?
  • What are your growth plans over the next 2 to 5 years?

We will be able to specify and procure the correct server for you.

The software licences can be a large part of your new server cost – often as much as 30% or more. That’s why choosing the correct licences is so important. Microsoft provides a range of different operating system and application licences in a range of different options. I can help you decide what applications you need and the most cost effective licence type to purchase – OEM, Enterprise, Retail, Software Assured, etc.

Before anything happens we will agree a project plan with you that minimises the disruption to your business. Your new server will be delivered to our workshop where we will start the commissioning process. After this it will be installed at your office ready for the migration process. Once installed we will migrate the users settings along with any data and applications.


Virtualisation is one of the strongest trends in the IT industry. With server virtualisation I can deliver far more than just power savings. It improves business continuity through increased resilience and redundancy, lower total cost of ownership (TCO) through extended infrastructure life cycles and reduced carbon footprint for your business.

Reasons for virtualisation:

  • Reduce your costs. If you can replace five servers with one, you will save on electricity consumed, on upfront costs and on maintenance.
  • Add new functions quickly. You can set up virtual servers much more quickly than physical ones.
  • Increase reliability. If you duplicate functions across virtual servers, you’ll be able to keep working even if one fails.

Virtualisation can be a powerful tool for your business. It lets you replace several physical servers with virtual servers, all running on a single piece of hardware. I can supply, install and maintain virtual servers for your business.