Office Relocation

Moving Office in London or elsewhere? Take out as much of the stress as possible. You do not have to worry about the effect your transition will have on your business. We can assist with every IT aspect of your office move. A team of IT Support and moving experts will be at your disposal, to ensure a smooth transition from one location to the other. Your staff can simply go to the new office and continue working.

These are some of the questions to be asked before moving:

  • Is the new office cabled properly, or would you prefer to work over wireless connections?
  • Do you have the right size Internet connection for your needs?
  • Can the company moving your office furniture move your computers safely?
  • Have you thought about re-directing your e-mail? I will make sure your MX records are altered in time for your team to get e-mails on Monday morning.

We recommend moving the office over the weekend so that there is no additional downtime experienced. If downtime is not an issue, we will be happy to help you move during the week. We will ensure a swift transition for you and your business by connecting your servers, desktops, laptops, uploading software and setting up broadband and telephones, all in one easy move giving you a stress free movement from one premise to another.

Suggested office relocation timetable:

  • Friday at 5.00 pm: Everyone shuts down and we take the network apart
  • Saturday: The hardware moves and we begin assembling
  • Sunday: Assembly continues and we check that everything is working properly
  • Monday morning: We am with you in your new office to deal with any issues that arise from users working in the new office

You can also utilise my services when you are downsizing, upsizing or simply starting up a new business. You will never regret having my services as a part of your daily IT needs.