Disaster Recovery

A fire on your premises. Theft of your business server. Flooding from a burst pipe. A malicious computer virus. Accidental deletion of key data. There are lots of disasters that could affect your business IT. For most companies, the question is not whether will it happen but when will it happen.

When you calculate the affect an IT disaster could have on your business, you start to realise why disaster planning is essential. We can help you prepare, creating a disaster recovery plan covering:

  • The likely risks to your business. What could go wrong, and what affect would it have on your company?
  • What preventative measures you can take. How to minimise the chance of a disaster occurring in the first place.
  • What extra precautions your should put in place. We’ll show you how to set up data and system backups to handle problems swiftly.
  • Procedures to follow in an emergency. If the worst happens, you need to know exactly what to do in the heat of the moment.

A disaster does not have to be a dramatic event. It could be the loss of your internet connection for a couple of days. Or a key member of your IT staff phoning in sick just when you need them most. When you rely on your business IT, anything that takes your systems offline – even for a few hours – can have a huge impact. If you lost all the data stored on your business computers, would your company be able to survive?

We understand your concerns when there is assistance needed to restore your vital business data, which you fear to lose in the event of server breakdown or any other technology failure. We provide the customers immaculate disaster recovery solutions, which could recover your valuable data and save backup to virtually any disk-storage device.

In today’s time of automation, it is increasingly important to protect and create backup of business data regularly to continue smooth running of business in the event of any technology disaster. Equipped with the latest technology to restore your business data by scheduling real-time backup without affecting your business productivity, we are able to restore your servers, adjusting system usage performance to utilise resources effectively, simplifying data protection management by central monitoring, reporting and management.

We focus and aim on minimal IT downtime and uninterrupted business operations along with complete customer satisfaction.