Import full-size pictures from Picasa Web Albums into iPhoto

  Picasa Web Albums have RSS feeds which can be subscribed to directly in iPhoto. The feed downloads the high-resolution pictures (with EXIF data) to iPhoto, where they can be organized into events, albums, etc. Follow these steps to import an entire Picasa gallery into iPhoto on your Mac: Go to the specific gallery on…

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Mac OS X Login Language

Recently I was asked to change my friend’s system language from Chinese to English. Changing the language in account was not the problem but the log-in screen language was a bit of a challenge. In Terminal: sudo /System/Library/CoreServices/Language\\ Chooser The same language window that comes up during installation will appear, select the new language,…

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Mac OS X: Access Hosts File on Mac OS X Lion

On Mac OS X Snow Leopard and below it was possible to access the Hosts file using this command: sudo /Applications/ /etc/hosts In Mac OS X Lion this is no longer possible due to sandboxing. The best option to access hosts file on Lion is Terminal: sudo vim /private/etc/hosts Any terminal editor will do (vi,…

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