Derek Edward Trotter (born 12 July 1945), more commonly known as Del Boy, is the fictional lead character in the popular BBC sitcom Only Fools and Horses. He was played by David Jason in the original series and was portrayed as a teenager by James Buckley in the prequel Rock & Chips.

Del is a lively character, most noted for his happy-go-lucky, confident persona. Whilst not always being successful, his general confidence and often forcefulness often convinces people to believe in him. Starting with the fifth series, he became a stereotypical yuppie of the late 1980s, pretending to be a lot more financially successful than he really is, which fit in well with him always trying to associate with the higher classes of society but clearly being rooted as working class.

Del also has a rather sensitive side to his personality, particularly for his family. He is not always so keen to express his love for his family and loved ones, but in numerous episodes this side is brought out.

The Only Fools characters speak in a special language, some of which is Cockney Rhyming slang and some of which are pure inventions sprung from the mind of Derek Trotter.

Sir David Jason Opens the 2007 Air Tattoo

Basic Lingo

Cop to recieve something, or a police officer
cosmic outstanding, exceptional
cushty great, brilliant
dipstick a fool
el-bow also 'the Spanish fiddler', to end a relationship
enemy wife, missus
Gandhi's revenge a dodgy stomach
heave-ho another way of saying 'el-bow'
hump to be annoyed
humpty-dumpty to perform sexual relations
jacksie the posterior
jaffa to be 'seedless' as in infertile, one who 'fires blanks'
lovely jubbly brilliant, great, cushty
mutton deaf, hard of hearing
noofter a gay man
plonker an idiot
pukka great, perfect
ruby Indian takeaway cuisine
schtum to keep quiet, keep a secret
sort a woman, or bird
stoke on trent a gay man
stone me an exclamation of anguish
stuke a difficult situation
this immortal curl the world
triffic great, wonderful
twonk a plonker or dipstick
wally a twonk, a plonker, or a dipstick

Money Lingo

boracic or brassic lacking in funds, skint
century £100
douce in bunce £200
earner as in a "nice little ...", a profitable business transaction
grand £1000
kosher readies unlaundered money
monkey £500
pony £25
potless to be skint
score £20

Foreign Lingo

adegos Del's effort at 'adios' (Spanish for goodbye)
a fait acopian Del's French for "don't upset yourself"
Ajax an expression of greeting, usually to someone from the Netherlands
Al dente! Spanish for "There you go!"
allemagne dix points phrase similar to "such is life", possibly Del picked this up from European Song Contest
apres moi la deluge French, meaning "When I'm dead, all others may die too."
argent comptant French from Cannes, meaning "brill"
Au contraire! French for "Hang on a minute!"
au revoir French for "hello"
au fait Del likes using this but pronounces it "oh fate"
bain marie no problem.
boeuf a la mode phrase similar to "you win some and lose some"
Bonjour! French for "Goodbye!"
bonnet de douche French and impressive
bonetti bonetti Del's best Italian
bon appetit French for "I hope you choke on the potatoes"
catalogue raisonne "Hold on", as they say in Beritz
Chateauneuf du Pape! Reserved for an explosive situation
chasse de forme "The diamonds are good" in French.
conseil d'etat "He helps me, I help him", as they say in Grenobles
creme de la menthe French for the "very best"
di stefano Italian for "well done"
Don Ochetti Del used this as a greeting, until he realized it was the name of a Mafia boss
fabrique belgique I agree or approve in Belgium
fromage frais! Like "Eureka!" (when the penny has dropped)
je suis je reste "superb", according to Del
joie de vivre! an exclamation that impresses or French for putting a bit of life back into your own life
Juan the name of all Spanish waiters
mais oui no problem, my pleasure
mange tout my pleasure, variation like above
menage a trois an exclamation of surprise
Miguel Del's name for all Portuguese barmen
münchengladbach German for "hello"
Moët Champagne The only champagne Del knows, and pronounces like poet champers
moi French and classy way of saying "me"
oeuf sur la plat French for "it's clear cut"
oh mai oui, mon pleasure French, sophisticated Del
Pas de Calais approving or divine
Pate foie gras French for liver sausage, goes well with Moët Champers
Pot Pourri! French for "I don't believe it!"
plume de ma tante expression of exasperation like "Gordon Bennett!"
polizia Del can say 'police' in more than one language
puscas puscas approval, "It's alright" in Spanish
rein a dire, rein a faire Perplexing French Del picked up from Lordes
raisse de chassie more French Del picked up from Dieppe
Revenons a nos moutonst apparently a quote from the guv'nor of Bastille, French for "I've got to do something quick."
servir frais mois non glace French for "It could of been on the top floor"
si danke schon, bonjour proves how multi-lingual Del is (Spanish, German and French)
tel aviv Del reckons the French use this for "You can never tell"
tete de veau Del reckons the French use this for "Everyone's a winner"
tete-a-tete A head to head meeting with drug barons
tres bien ensemble French for possessing a sense of occasion
Vive la France! it's what you say with respect to the American national anthem
Voila! The French say it after T-cutting a square inch of the Capri Ghia, it's a way of encouraging Rodney to finish the rest of the car off

Note: these translations are based on the way Del uses them and not on the actual translations.

1. They asked me what I thought about Hamlet. I said I preferred Castellas.

2. They're so ugly they even look alike.

3. If I get piles you can have half of 'em!

4. (Rodney: I've been thinking … ) - Oh, leave it out Rodney, we're in enough trouble as it is.

5. An Investment! Menage a trois! In the middle of the worst winter for 2 million years, with the weatherman laying odds on a new Ice Age - this dipstick goes out and buys out Amber Solaire!

6. Oh, leave it out Rodney, you couldn't flog a black cat to a witch!

7. (Rodney: Just be yourself) - Oh, leave it out, Rodney; I wanna be in with at least half a chance!

8. He who dares Rodney, he who dares ...

9. There's no point in running away. Running away only wears out your shoes.

10. This time next year, we'll be millionaires!

11. Here, Boyce. You know this car's a GTI. If you rearrange the number plates then you got yourself a personalised number plate!

12. It's a right blinding Christmas this has turned out to be init. I mean some people get wise men bearing gifts, we get a wolly with a disease.

13. How much exactly did it go for? (Rodney: Six point two million. Just over three million each) -Well we've had worse days ain't we?

14. Tough? Tough? It's the toughest chcicken I've ever known. It's asked me for a fight in the car park twice!

15. I’ve heard your line of patter my son. If they don’t know Adam Ant’s birthday or the Chelsea result it’s goodnight Vienna, innit?

16. What would you know about it anyway aye, you don't have romantic feelings you, you just have animal urges. Sometimes I think you learnt the art of seduction by watching Wildlife on One.

17. I remembered what you said - that you liked solitaire diamonds, so I thought ... well y'know ... that I'd get her a cluster of solitaires!

18. No, no not goodbye Margaret … no just Bonjour.

19. Don't be fooled by him Rodney, he's had everything from galloping lurgy to Saturday night fever. Do you know once when I was a kid I was doing me homework and I asked him what a cubic foot was. He didn't know but he tried to have a week off work with it.

20. I remember her Mum though, she was a fair sort - pig ugly, but a fair sort. I nicknamed her Miss 999 you know 'cos I only phoned her in an emergency!

21. You see, Abdul's cousin's girlfriend's brother's mate's mate, right, he's a gamekeeper down at one of those private zoo's! And Monkey Harris's sister's husband's first wife's stepfather, right, he works for an animal food company. So put the two together and what you got - a nice little earner.

22. The only time you ever made women jealous was the night you won the last house at bingo.

23. They were tryin' to kill me! Fromage frais!

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