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Ambitious IT Project Manager and hands-on IT Manager with over 15 years experience working with the latest technologies, within large worldwide corporate information systems structures.

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Group Policy Online Search Tool

This “Cloud App” allows you to search through the thousands of settings available through Group Policy. To use it: 1. Go to 2. Slowly type in your search term for example: default printer Please note: Type slowly, your choice may self populate. 3. Press enter and wait for a couple of seconds for the […]

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Mac OS X Login Language

Recently I was asked to change my friend’s system language from Chinese to English. Changing the language in account was not the problem but the log-in screen language was a bit of a challenge. In Terminal: sudo /System/Library/CoreServices/Language\\ Chooser The same language window that comes up during installation will appear, select the new language, […]

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PowerShell: Finding Built-In Cmdlets

In times where cmdlets can originate from all kinds of modules, it sometimes becomes important to find out which cmdlets are truly built into PowerShell and which represent external dependencies. One way of getting a list of built-in cmdlets is to temporarily open another runspace and enumerate its internal cmdlet list: $ps = [PowerShell]::Create() $ps.Runspace.RunspaceConfiguration.Cmdlets […]

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PowerShell: Finding IP Address

There are various ways to determine the IP address that is assigned to your machine. Here is a rather unusual approach that uses text operators to filter the information out of the results provided by ipconfig.exe. This is not the most solid way of getting to an IP address. It is, however, an interesting brain […]

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PowerShell: Creating Custom Objects

If you want to create your own custom objects, for example, to enable your functions to return rich objects, you can always use Select-Object like this: PS> $newobject = ‘dummy’ | Select-Object -Property Name, ID, Address Then, you can fill in the properties and use the object: PS> $newobject = ‘dummy’ | Select-Object -Property Name, […]

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